Our company works hard at identifying the right producing partners. After selecting the most qualified manufacturer, we provide all required services for the presentation and successful sale of the product. This includes label layout and registration with the competent authorities, to export them to various countries. In particular, we assist Italian producers interested in selling food products to the US market by offering guidance for FDA compliance (Food and Drug Administration). We team up with food technicians and experts in international law, to organize conferences and seminars.

We are currently helping our producers adapt to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the most sweeping reform of the American Food Safety system in over 70 years, signed by President Obama, to protect public health. One aspect of the program is the implementation of broad and systematic prevention activities against all risks associated with poor quality food. On a more culinary front, our team of professionals organizes Italian cooking classes abroad to allow restaurants all over the world to offer dishes of Italian tradition.