Made in Italy to us is more than a “label” it is a concept that represents a lifestyle and culture that we are proud to share abroad.
Made in Italy to means that the ingredient was “born” in Italy, produced with high quality raw materials and recognized as a quality product even by the clientele of the local territory. Production is at the hands of specialists of the trade, qualified personnel, in a controlled and safe environment.
It’s is not just our Italian food that goes out to “conquer the world” it’s a whole way of life, the “Italian way of “Fooding”: the lifestyle that combines the basics of the Mediterranean diet with pillars of tradition and Italian dining customs. A unique heritage in a world rich in styles, variety and values, from a nutritional and socio-economic standpoint. While at the dining table, one learns the pleasure of taste by which he shapes his gastronomic knowledge around territorial culture.
So exporting Italian food means above all, exporting Italian culture. This is why we so enjoy collaborating with Chefs around the world to present our most traditional recipes, thereby sharing the Italian culinary art and celebrating our culture and traditions.