Our products are studied and selected to ensure sales volume to shops and supermarkets while providing full satisfaction to final consumers. Our extensive experience has led us to develop a retail line of extra virgin olive oils. For the US market we created a whole line of Pasta-Kits for the preparation of very regional and typical Italian recipes even for non-Italian final consumers. True “survival kits” for those who just cannot survive abroad without homemade Italian pasta dishes. Our recipes include “Fusilli alla Strangolata”, “Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino” and “Maccheroni ai Funghi Porcini”.

For the Chinese market we created a line of spicy preserves designed for internet sales to Chinese consumers who like the spicy flavors of Italian cuisine and order online. Additional “Retail” items include our seasonings mixes and sauces meant to accompany pasta, thereby creating traditional dishes, which can be prepared and enjoyed in just a few minutes.