29 September 2017


Italian rice growers are an important resource for the local economy. Italy is THE leading European rice producer. We export rice from a select Piedmont producer, established since 1904. The farms rice fields spread out over 620 acres in the countryside of Desana near Vercelli, Italy.
The company is family operated. The rice is produced with the best technology has to offer, generational experience and century old traditions.
All phases of cultivation are closely monitored: from the preparation of the land, sowing, all the way through the harvest, following a 45-day rest period, the “paddy” rice is taken to dryers to bring the humidity level in the product down enough for milling. The stone core of antique refurbished mills provide the rice its unique rough finish, typical of a superior quality product. The milling is a slow and gradual process resulting in a slightly darker finished product with exceptional flavor and resistance to cooking.
We propose two varieties of rice in our SPIZZULI’ packaging. ARBORIO rice, which is the “classic” Italian risotto rice. Its grain is large and strong: while the heat penetrates and cooks the outer layer of the grain, its core remains intact and crunchy or “al dente” o account of its high starch content. Then CARNAROLI rice, the “finest” among rice varieties OF ITALIAN PRODUCTIONS. Thanks to its high content of amylase and to hi-tech traditional milling techniques, this rice will not overcook. It keeps a perfect texture even if partially pre-cooked as is sometimes necessary in commercial kitchens.